World Most Preferred Destination

In recent years, various travel magazine have identify ASIA Region as the most preferred travel regional destination. These findings are backed by travel research pointing towards increase of tourist arrival in major ports throughout Asia.

Asia is known of its enchanting mysteries, welcoming smiles, delightful gastronomic experiences, unforgettable adventures, diversity in cultures, language, race, religion, lifestyle and her hospitality; rural or urban.

Here in TravelogueAsia, our aim is to ensure that your arrival is not merely to accomplish the “been there, done that” objective but we are here to assist you to bring a slice of Asia’s wonders back home.

In order to do things right, Team TravelogueAsia is focus in our implementation stage, we are not here only to sell a destination, but primarily to share experiences and emotions. Thus Program and Tours available for you to choose from are selective in nature with criteria requiring our team to be in place before it is introduce to you. Overtime, we intend to increase our choices of destination. At present, we wish to introduce to you destination : BORNEO

The third largest island in the world, Borneo is a sprawling tropical island blessed with wonderful landscape filled with majestic mountains, verdant rainforests, mangrove-spattered coasts and beautiful islands with azure waters and sparkling sands.

Made up of Kalimantan, Brunei, Sabah and Sarawak, Borneo is shared among three countries: Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia. Her rugged terrain and unspoilt nature makes Borneo an adventurer’s dream-come-true.

Come away to Borneo and sit back as she entices you with some of the world’s finest attractions from Mount Kinabalu, which is South Asia’s Highest Peak and Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the Sarawak Chamber, which is the world’s largest cave chamber.

For the thrill-seeking globetrotter, Borneo offers a wide range of experience to dip your fingers into. Scale the magnificent Mount Kinabalu via ferrata-style, go spelunking in Mulu Caves, watch freshwater dolphins in Kalimantan or chill out at the Muara Beach in Brunei–there’s something for every restless spirit out there!

Looking for a scuba diving playground to relinquish your underwater thirst? Having some of the most beautiful islands in the world with some of the most uniquely diverse marine ecosystems, dive into the depths of the world-renowned island of Sipadan and swim along with the turtles and sharks while experiencing wall diving like no other. When in Kalimantan, experience the beautiful reefs of Sangalaki and get the chance to witness a large gathering of manta rays as they feed on planktons–truly a National Geographic moment!

They say that the way to the heart is through the stomach. Indeed, a travelling experience is never complete without a chance to delve into the gastronomies. Experience the diverse cultures of Borneo through the tip your tongue by sinking your teeth into Borneo’s finest food: Sabah’s hinava, Sarawak’s kolo mee, Pontianak’s sweet and creamy durian and Brunei’s Serondeng Pandag.

Courtesy of National Geographic (YouTube)


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