Booking Terms & Condition

These Booking Conditions contain important information. It is essential that you carefully read and understand them.

1. Price & Booking
Price quoted are on per person basis. TravelogueAsia reserves the right to increase and decrease the price quoted at any time prior to full payment of booked tours. Prices quoted are subject to alteration due to continuing variation of air fares, fuel hikes,  unforeseen supplier increases and exchange rate fluctuations.

All bookings must be made either by email (preferable) or fax to

A reservation fee of 35% non-refundable are required within 14 days after your initial booking. The remaining balance must be clear 30 days before the tour commence.

However, if the date is within one month, full payment would be required.

All transactions must be in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Exchange rates are determined by TravelogueAsia.

2. Availability
All hotels and tours offered are subject to availability. In the event a travel product booked by you is not available, we shall suggest you an alternative product or service of similar pricing and quality. If you fail to accept our suggested alternative travel product by the specified deadline, we reserve our right to cancel our tentative booking of the same.

3. Liability & Acceptance of Risk is not responsible for any loss, damage, death, injury or expense which may occur during the tour commence. Any independent arrangements that you make that are not part of (including pre- and post accommodation) are entirely at your own risk and cannot and does not give you any assurance, representation or warranty in connection with any such arrangements.

4. Late Bookings
Bookings requests received by within 30 days before tour departure may require full payment before we can request a place on a tour. If we cannot confirm the booking we will refund you in full any monies paid to will not be liable for any additional costs incurred by you.

5. Privacy
In order to be able to supply a service to you. will need to collect certain information from you, some of which may be of a personal nature. The information may be disclosed to, or collected on our behalf by our service providers to enable the services to be provided, but will not be used by them for any other purpose.

5. Unused Service
No refund will be made for any part of the tour, transfers, hotels, meals, flights, diving permit etc. not utilized by you once the trip has departed from your place of origin.

6. Force Majeure
We will not be liable in whole or in part by any cause beyond our control due to fire, flood, strikes or other labour disputes, shortage of materials, transportation difficulties, accident, war, riot, acts of God and change of laws.

7. Cancellation
If you wish to cancel all or any part of your booking, notification of cancellation must be made to in writing. The date of the cancellation is the date on which written notification is received by

In the event of cancellation, the following cancellation charges shall apply:

(a) From 29 days to 15 days before tour – 30% of the trip’s full price forfeited

(b) From 14 days before tour – 50% of the trip’s full price forfeited.

(c) From 7 days before tour – 65% the trip’s full price forfeited.

(d) ‘No Show’ by customer – 100% of the trip’s full price forfeited.

8. Payment
Payment can be made either by T.T (telegraphic transfer) or via online.

Telegraphic Transfer – please fax the bank remittance slip for our record and advise us the date of sending and corresponding bank in Malaysia.

** Please be informed that all charges of the bank transactions are to be borne by sender.

Our bank information is as follows:

Ground Floor, Block D,
Lorong Ruang Lintas Plaza,
Lintas Square, 88300, Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia.

Account No: 510198023915
Swift Code: MBB EMYKL