Why Travel With Travelogue?

Our strength lies beyond than just coordinating your travel needs, our operation team and expedition leaders are hands on season adventurers and conservationist.
The word "Travelogue" defines as a lecture or talk about travel, often accompanied with a film, a video, or slides. While being on an adventure with us, we will show you the real thing, our goal is to help you to capture every bit of it hoping that you continue to share those emotions when you return home. ~ Travelogue Asia

Diving Heaven

This region showcase the epicenter of marine biodiversity also known as the third most ecologically diverse place on earth. Neatly tucked within Sulu Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion, equatorial island and reef of Borneo Island are the richest waters in the world. It hit home for those who seek a world class diving adventure.

Trails and Trekking Adventures

Nothing beat the discoveries of true adventure, a journey with no ends. From the trails of Mt. Kinabalu, the highest Mountain in Malaysia to the off beaten trek of Borneo pristine rainforest. If that is not challenging enough, discover the trails of the infamous headhunters and be captivated by the stories of the bygone era.


Get out of the concrete jungle and enjoy life with better air quality and relaxing mode, because the idea of an eco city is within reach. A getaway doesn't mean that you cant be connected to real world, right here it is a choice. With National Parks just minutes away from the City, a day trip to a white sandy beach, an awesome dive trip and walk through the forest while being connected is a choice for balance of great lifestyle.